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Research areas

Activated Filter Media. AFM is a highly engineered product manufactured from a specific glass type, processed to obtain the optimum particle size and shape. It is then exposed to a 3-step activation process to increase its surface area by up to 300 times for superior mechanical and electro-static filtration performance. The activated surface of AFM is self-sterilizing which prevents bacteria mud-balling, coagulation and channeling of unfiltered water through the filter bed. The huge activated surface area has a strong negative charge for the adsorption of sub-micron particles and dissolved organic molecules. This makes AFM far superior to any other filtration media because AFM does not need to be replaced and is recharged by a simple back-wash.






The vision of the GCRF Health, Polluted Water and Soils Network is to reduce health problems
related to water and soil pollution in climate–stressed, rural and deprived urban communities in
Kenya, Jamaica and Grenada, through a network of excellence to support the exchange of
knowledge, experience, ideas and capacity building amongst academic and non-academic
stakeholders and develop solutions on how to achieve the triple health and environmental co-
benefits of access to clean water, a basic human right 1 , healthy and productive soils and delivery
of safe, nutritious foods.

Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Situation in Kenya’s Urban Slums

Kamau N, Njiru H.

A mixed-methods study of women’s sanitation utilization in informal settlements in Kenya

Samantha Cristine Winter, Robert Dreibelbis, Millicent Ningoma Dzombo, Francis Barchi

Informal settlements and a relational view of health in Nairobi, Kenya: sanitation, gender and dignity

Jason Corburn, Irene Karanja

Capable team

The initial members of the network come from the three countries as well as the UK, each possessing between 20 and 40 years of highly successful collaboration and networking; all have committed themselves to contributing to the network in their individual capacities and with the full support of their institutions.,

The network’s academic partners and institutions (BIEA, University of Highlands and Islands, University College London, University of Southampton, Aga Khan University, Strathmore Business School, University of Nairobi, Maasai Mara University, University of the West Indies and WINREF, St George’s University Grenada) have an excellent track record based on world class research, postgraduate programmes and support international networking in the fields of environment, pollution and climate change; women and child health; food safety and malnutrition; agriculture; livestock and diseases; social anthropology and economics.