Addressing pollution in rivers and run-off into the coastal zone

Country Lead

  • Prof. Calum Mcpherson

Core Team

  • Dr. Lindonne Glasgow, SGU/WINDREF

  • Professor Satesh Bidaisee, SGU/WINDREF

  • Dr. Trevor Noel, SGU/WINDREF

  1. National Water and Sewage Authority (NAWASA)
  2. Ministry of Implementation and Infrastructure Development
  3. Ministry of Health
  4. Ministry of Agriculture
  5. Windward Islands Research and Education Foundation (WINDREF)
  6. Ministry of Climate Change Resilience
  7. German Society for International Cooperation (GIZ)
  8. Community residents/organization
  9. Caribbean Development Bank
  10. Dryden Clean Water Wave

The focus is on addressing pollution in rivers and run-off into the coastal zone from agricultural chemicals, sewage and solid municipal waste in landfills across the island and the impacts on drinking water and soils. range of academic researchers associated with WINREF working on these issues.

The principal location for their project is Princess Alice Hospital in Mirabeau, St. Andrew (east side of the island) and the abattoir both located in an agricultural area.

In the Grenada context, the waste water recycling project has positive potential to increase agricultural production during the dry season when there is low production which could directly contribute to food security, nutrition and health, and environmental sustainability (soil fertility). A major focus area for the project therefore is the breadbasket regions of the island.
Recycled glass could also potentially mitigate coastal erosion caused by sand-based harvesting
for filtration.