The focus is on delivering change at the community and devolved County levels in Kenya's water towers (Mara-Mau forest complex) and Nairobi-Kajiado

  • Prof Jacqueline McGlade: Network Director


Core team

  • Prof Ratemo Micheka: Country Lead
  • Dr Rosemary Okello-Orlale: Country Lead
  • Prof Marleen Temmerman: Country Lead
  • Dr. Ermias Betemariam: Land health
  • Dr Kipkore Wilson: Environment
  • Arnolda Shiundu- Business
  • Calvin Cottars- Business+Conservation
  • Mr. Anil Kumar-Digital interactions
  • Solomon Ntaiyia: Community
  • Erick Guantai: Waste
  • David Shayioni: Waste
  • David Leyian: Network Manager
  • Evelyn Njau: Climate modeler
  • Humphrey Mathenge: Project coordination
  • Dr. Ferdinand Okwaro- Health
  • Violet Naanyu PhD- Health
  • Dr. Ermias Betemariam- Land health
  • Winnie Lichuma- Gender+ Health
  • Karin Boomsma- Sustainable business
  • Vava Angwenyi- Business+Sustainable Agric, Youth+Women.
  • Sam Rigu- Sustainable Agriculture
  • May Yariwo- GIS+Women
  • Joseph Kones- Environment
  • Joseph Nkaiwatei- Community
  • Wycliffe Guguni- waste Management
  • Samwel Mwenda- Waste Management
  • Governor of Vihiga

  • Elgeyo-Marakwet Ministers of Health and Environment & Director Planning

  • Narok County Minister for Environment, Energy, Water and Natural Resources

  • Kwale County Health ministry

  • The Office of the Deputy President

  • Nairobi City Water and Sewerage Company (NWSC)

  • Opengov

  • Through PROCOL Kenya

    • public health, veterinary

    • agriculture and environment county officials

    • local chiefs,

    • leaders from tourism (Cottars 1920s Royal African Safaris)

    • community conservancies and the third sector (Maasai Mara Wildlife and Conservation Association; African Wildlife Conservation)

    • agriculture (Purko Development Trust)

    • women’s and youth groups (Youth Café Kenya)

Why here

  1. Maasai Mara
    Focus: Clean Water
    Partners: Cottars 1920s, Sekenani Envirotech Centre
  2. Mau Forest Complex
    Focus: Regenerating Forest-Agriculture Value Chains
    Partners: TEEB Prosperity Communities and Counties
  3. Nairobi City
    Focus: Recycling and AFM and Infrastructure

Mau Forest Complex

The focus is on how to regenerate freshwater systems and ecosystem services to support agriculture, livestock and forestry and build prosperity and health. There are approx. 400,00 households engaged in small-medium scale farming, commercial forestry in the Mau contributing to huge amounts of run-off and potentially water contamination. The team in Mau completed an energy audit which showed that 2 million metric tonnes of wood are extracted every year from the forest for household use.


The focus is on the OneHealth project objective of addressing pollution, through the activated
glass filtration technology to transform wastewater into a safe drinkable state.

The team is investigating setting up a community coloured glass deposit scheme in partnership with EABL with the aim of creating a circular economy that addressed the issue of glass waste and more importantly polluted water through the use of AFM filtration.

The focus is also on smaller/manageable community-led project in Kajiado county with an organized community leadership structure. The team will partner with the Kajiado waste depot through the county Gov.
The team is assessing sources of glass waste to estimate volumes and whether a viable market exists for AFM manufacture. If the two factors can’t be established, can the glass waste be used in alternative applications e.g construction industry? The team will also focus on solid waste management within the same community.