OneHealth Breakthrough Partnership

One of the Scottish team’s project site is the Caithness General Hospital. The Scotland OneHealth team focused on reducing the environmental impact of healthcare especially on the water system by focusing on pharmaceutical discharges, by developing a OneHealth Breakthrough Partnership (OHBP). This partnership transcends boundaries (organisations, disciplines etc), engaging University researchers, National Health Service, water […]

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Mau Forest Complex trainings

Through workshops, training has been offered on creating alternative businesses to avoid upsetting soil structure by transitioning into clean energy. The intervention was targeted at women groups especially, trying to pull them from the charcoal burning business into clean energy such as bio-gas and briquettes. The Mau project targeted a community of about 600 people […]

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Grenada’s farmers embrace biogas technology

In many areas of Grenada, organic waste from farming, livestock and beverage production is mainly dumped in watercourses or burned on site. These unsustainable waste management practices adversely affect sensitive ecosystems like soil, rivers or the marine environment, which are important natural assets the country needs to preserve. Furthermore, Grenada is committed to reducing its […]

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Mangrove restoration

As part of a larger move to build resilience and improve the ecosystem, Prof Terrence the GCRF-OneHealth country lead for Jamaica is also involved in a landmark project for mangrove restoration. The ‘Blue Carbon Restoration in Southern Clarendon’ project is designed to restore more than 1,000 hectares of degraded mangrove forests and will be the […]

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