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Vava Angwenyi

Director business development & fundraising-GENTE DEL FUTURO
Founding member:
Pamoja – Direct Trade Coffee Collective.

In 2009, Vava Angwenyi started VAVA COFFEE – a Benefit Corporation (B-corp) with a Social enterprise model that exports, roasts and consults on coffee value chains, the organization aims to contribute to better future prospects for coffee communities and the industry as a whole. The company ensures sustainable livelihoods for the people and communities in which it works. Vava Angwenyi is also the co-founder and director business development & fundraising at GENTE DEL FUTURO (People of the Future). Gente Del Futuro formed in 2017 is an organization born out of a partnership between African Plantations Kilimanjaro, Vava Coffee Kenya and Oro Molido three private sector players within the coffee sector to tackle two of the main problems we face as an industry – Producer profitability and Next generation involvement. Gente Del Futuro’s focus is to amplify the voices of youth by creating economic empowerment, choices and sustainability for the coffee industry. The organization offers young people a unique and one of a kind learning opportunity by fusing coffee cultures and knowledge from three different growing origins :
Tanzania, Kenya and Colombia. Ms. Angwenyi is also a founding member of Pamoja – Direct Trade Coffee Collective, this is a UK registered community interest company that has been established as the international marketing and distribution division for its members, coffee farmers. It is focused on building direct, cost-effective and fair relationships between its farmers and ethically aware international roasters.